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 Drawn and researched by William Rickatson Dykes 187 - 1925) 

  E. Katherine Dykes

 published 1930 

William Rickatson Dykes was born in 1877 in London, educated at the City of London School and later at Wadham College, Oxford where he graduated with honors in Classics.  He later studied at the Sorbonne and then became Modern Language Master at Charterhouse for seventeen years.  From his early childhood he had shown a love of flowers and an interest in their growth. He wished to study and grow the Tulip species.  He was offered the Secretaryship of the Royal Horticultural Society in 1920 and continued to write scientific articles in the leading botanical magazines of the day.  His untimely death in 1925 from an auto accident left his wife, E. Katherine Dykes, the task of editing his Notes on Tulip Species.  She also executed the drawings of the Tulips during the years of research.  The work was published in 1930, and it remains the standard reference on the subject.


sheet: 15" x 11"

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