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McIan: Scottish Clans

Robert Ronald McIan (1803-1856). The Clans of the Scottish Highlands.

Logan, James (text) and Robert Ronald McIan (illustrations).  The Clans of the Scottish Highlands, Illustrated by Appropriate Figures, Displaying Their Dress, Tartans, Arms, Armorial Insignia, and Social Occupations, From Original Sketches, by Robert Ronald McIan, with Accompanying Description and Historical Memoranda of Character, Mode of Life, &c. &c.  London:  Ackermann and Co., Strand, 1845.  2 volumes, folio, 74 plates.  The Costumes of the Clans of Scotland, the book's working title, was issued to commemorate the centenary of the 1745 uprising and was available by subscription only.  It was dedicated to Queen Victoria, with her consent, and reflected the great interest in all things Scottish prevalent in London and the USA at the time.Print: 14½" x 10½"

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