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Ferdinand Ongania (1842-1911)

Streets and Canals in Venice, 1893.  Folio with 100 plates.  Ferdinand Ongania is considered the great art historian of Venice.  Among his most notable works are a reproduction of the Grimani Breviary in St. Mark's Cathedral, a work about the 15th century printers in Venice, a volume of interior views of Venetian palaces, and a book on the wellheads of Venice.  But, he is best known for his monumental documentation of the Streets and Canals in Venice.  In this work he documented 100 of the finest views, important for their architectural history and their beauty.  The plates are heliogravures produced from photographs.  Their rich and soft quality are unlike any of the other productions of Ongania's works.  For the Victorians, Venice was a cherished stop of The Grand Tour.  These memorable views have a magical presence of time and space.Print: 21½" x 14" (plate 15" x 11¼")


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Ongania: Venice
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