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A New and Accurat Map of the World

A New and Accurat Map of the World

Published by Hammond Inc. USA.
14" x 18.5"
sheet: 16" x 20"
reproduction of original color print from 1651
  • Details

    "A NEW AND ACCURAT MAP OF THE WORLD Drawne according to e y truest Descriptions latest Discoveries & best Observations t y have beene made by English or Strangers."

    Includes: astrological maps of the northern and southern hemispheres -an alchemical diagram of the heaven and elements
    -anthopomorphized figures of the four elements: Water, Earth, Fire, and Aire
    -images of eclipses of both the sun and the moon
    -miniscule portraits of explorers St. Francis Drake, Thomas Candish, Oliverus vanderNoort, and Ferdinand Magellan
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