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Chase Horse Blankets and Robes

Chase Horse Blankets and Robes

C. M. Moseman & Bro.
from "Mosemans' Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishing Goods. Novelties and Stable Appointments. Imported and Domestic."
Published by New York, E. D. Slaiter
print. 1893
sheet: 14.75" x 10.75"

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    Upper right: "This cut shows the CHASE EXCELSIOR. It has no equal for strength. Government test shows this Blanket one-third Stronger than all similar Blankets."

    Upper left: "The CHASE ADJUSTABLE BLANKETS are guaranteed to fit any Horse weighing 900 to 1400 lbs. Only one size needed. They are well made, well stayed, and have two strong surcingles with patent flat snaps. Made in 50 different styles including the EXCELSIOR."

    Lower right: "The CHASE SUPERFINE WOOL SQUARES are the Best Wool Blankets made, and their WATERPROOF FAWNS are recognized as the standard of the kind. Made in all regular sizes and weights."

    Lower left: "The CHASE PLUSH ROBES are the only Robes that do not shed their plush. Look for the name CHASE sewed on the corner of each Robe. 400 ARTISTIC PATTERNS."
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