Dutch Map of Canaan / The Promised Land

Dutch Map of Canaan / The Promised Land

by Nicholas Visscher: Amsterdam. 
print. 1663
12.125" x 17.75" (sheet: 13.25" x 18.375")
black and white copperplate engraving

  • Details

    "Het Beloofde Landt Canaan door wandelt van onsen Salichmaecker Iesu Christo. nessens syne Apostelen."

    Includes large decorative title cartouche at bottom surrounded by vignettes depicting the life of Christ. At top, banners with the key to the map and scale of miles, while tiny ships sail in the sea, including the track of Apostle Paul.

    Note on condition: some shadow showing through from text on back of page, as well as fraying around the edges. Only interferes with main image in the bottom left corner by a fraction of an inch.