Plate 150: Plain Gut Riding Whips

Plate 150: Plain Gut Riding Whips

C. M. Moseman & Bro.
from "Mosemans' Illustrated Guide for Purchasers of Horse Furnishing Goods. Novelties and Stable Appointments. Imported and Domestic."
Published by New York, E. D. Slaiter
print. 1893
sheet: 15" x 10.75"

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    [Plate 150]

    Top center: "C.M. Moseman & Brother, New York. PLAIN GUT RIDING WHIPS."

    Depicts whips (product #s 2141 - 2146.)

    Bottom center: "The above cuts show some of our different styles of Plain Gut Riding Whips, made for Ladies' and Gentlemen, or for race purposes. Made for us by the best makers of England and America."